1.5.2 - Unreleased

1.5.1 - 2018-02-03

  • Fix startup script for FreeBSD 11.x by replacing dots in it’s name with underscores. [fschulze]

1.5.0 - 2017-12-17

  • Add get_fingerprints to support host keys with all key types. [fschulze]
  • Fix jail host status command for various cases. [fschulze]
  • Output stdout in addition to stderr on various errors. This let’s one see additional debug info when jails don’t start. [fschulze]

1.4.0 - 2015-10-16

  • Allow setting the jail name via ezjail-name instead of using the instance id as the default. [fschulze]

1.3.0 - 2015-09-03

  • Improved error handling with useful error messages instead of tracebacks. [fschulze]
  • Allow setting startup order of jails. [tomster]

1.2.0 - 2015-03-05

  • Use new Executor helper from ploy 1.2.0 which handles ssh agent forwarding. [fschulze]
  • Enable “local mode” where if the instance option is empty all commands are executed locally. [fschulze]

1.1.0 - 2014-10-27

  • Print status of all jails when requesting status of master. [fschulze]
  • Check jail status before trying to connect. [fschulze]
  • Use new helper in ploy 1.0.2 to setup proxycommand. [fschulze]

1.0.0 - 2014-07-19

  • Added documentation. [fschulze]

1.0b9 - 2014-07-08

  • Packaging and test fixes. [fschulze]

1.0b8 - 2014-07-04

  • Python 3 compatibility. [fschulze]
  • Renamed mr.awsome to ploy and mr.awsome.ezjail to ploy_ezjail. [fschulze]

1.0b7 - 2014-06-16

  • Provide default values for proxyhost and proxycommand options. [fschulze]
  • Merge config of ez-master with the instance it’s using. [fschulze]

1.0b6 - 2014-06-11

  • Pass changes of proxy instance config on to the proxied instance config. [fschulze]

1.0b5 - 2014-06-10

  • Forcefully destroy jail. Together with ezjail 3.4.1 this solves the issue that sometimes the ZFS filesystem wasn’t removed and the jail couldn’t be started without manual intervention. [fschulze]

1.0b4 - 2014-05-22

  • Clear out massagers after copying the config for the proxy instance to prevent conflicts when the proxy instance is created. [fschulze]

1.0b3 - 2014-05-21

  • Fixes to make [instance:...] using an ez-master work. [fschulze]

1.0b2 - 2014-05-15

  • Added instance option to ez-master section to use another instance as the jail host. [fschulze, tomster]
  • Moved setuptools-git from to .travis.yml, it’s only needed for releases and testing. [fschulze]

1.0b1 - 2014-03-24

  • Initial release [fschulze]